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Trawl Cable Meter 750-N

Trawl Cable Meter 750-N
  • Eliminate Cable Marking
  • Show Continuous Reading of Cable Lengths, OUT & IN
  • Measure Spliced Cable from 1/2" (13 mm) to 3/4" (19 mm) Dia.
  • Measure Unspliced Cable to 1-1/2" (44 mm) Dia.
  • Avoid Errors Caused by Cable Damage or Stretching
  • Available to Read in METRIC Units
The unique design allows Olympic Trawl Cable Meters to function with any deck gear arrangement. The Meter can be put ON and OFF the cable when convenient; it is not necessary to reeve cable through the Meter. Free-turning stainless steel sheaves support the Meter and guide it on the cable. The pivoted Measuring Head is spring-loaded for correct pressure against the cable thus assuring long service from the neoprene-tired Measuring Wheel. The 750-N has been used by commercial and government fisheries in the USA and many other countries. These Meters are not intended for use in trade.
The Counter is the brain of the Meter. Past experience proved that building a completely sealed Counter was expensive, and vulnerable to moisture and temperature changes. The 750-N Meter uses a sturdy, industrial “shelf-item” Counter which is considered an expendable component. It can be easily replaced with common tools. Instructions are included. The Counter uses a Zamak housing, stainless steel shafts and oil-less bronze bearings. The Toothed Belt Drive connecting it to the stainless measuring wheel Shaft is of corrosion-resistant materials, enclosed but not sealed, thus permitting simple servicing. Replacing the Counter can be done without removing the Meter Head assembly from the Meter frame.
OLYMPIC Model 750-N Cable Meters eliminate the need for conventional markers on trawl warps. Without adjustments the Meters will, at normal fishing speeds, consistently measure any cable as large as 3/4" (19 mm) with markers or split splices, and unspliced cable to 1-1/2" (44 mm). The Meters “float” on the cable near the winches showing the winch men continuous readings of the cable lengths run OUT or IN.
 When trawling, a pair of 750-N Meters enables the winch men to accurately synchronize their winches and make corrective changes of warp settings. Meters avoid errors caused by warps stretching in service. This is particularly important during mid-water trawling. Avoid costly trips to port for remarking damaged cables.
Meters are quickly secured on the cables or released by means of a lever. Preventer lines (owner provided) lead to suitable structure to position Meters. An additional snubber line may be desirable in some installations. It should be attached to the out-streaming end of the Trawl Meter.
Careful engineering and testing achieve the light but sturdy construction of these meters. Corrosion resistant materials are used. Parts subject to wear are easily replaced with common tools.
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CAPACITY: 1/2" (13 mm) to 3/4" (19 mm) spliced cable. Up to 1-1/2" (44 mm) unspliced cable.
WEIGHT: 26 pounds (12 kilos)
DIMENSIONS:   Length 17-1/2" (444 mm)
Height 12-1/2" (318 mm)
Width 6-1/2" (165 mm)
COUNTER: METRES 999.9, & repeats. Counts back to zero.
  Numerals 11/32" (8 mm) high, black on white. When subtracting (counting back) any restraining of the Reset Knob / Shaft may cause errors.

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