Olympic Instruments - For Dispensing Wire and Cordage

Wire Measurer 1410
Wire Measurer 1420
Cutter - 8
Guide 40
Wire Measurer 1410-70
Stand 201
Cordage Measurer 1430, 1440
Cordage Measurer 1430, 1440
Cord Measurer 1450
Measuring Mounts
Hot Knife 1455
Cable Measurer 1700
Floor Stand 1800
Floor Stand 1815
Small Wire Fairlead 1783K
Cable Measurer 1900
Stand 1925
Measuring Sets and Components
Uncoiler 930
Wind Off Reel - Stand 370
Trawl Cable Meter 750-N

Coiling and Spooling
Tips on Good Measuring
Cunningham Air Whistles
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        Uncoiler 930

Uncoiler 930

Measure wire from the Carton! Wire is unwound from inside the packaged coil without kinking or twisting. Excess wire drawn out can be easily rewound and stored in original carton. Welded steel Uncoiler is readily adjustable for correct height to Measurer. Nothing lifts off Spindle when removing carton. 16" (406 mm) square Plywood Top and Stand included
Shipping Weight:     8 lbs. (3.6 kg)